mount qixing

Whenever I travel I always make it a point to EAT. To subside such a habit, and because I genuinely love it, I always try to include a little trekking into the itinerary. Taiwan was no exception and for that I dragged my tight denim laden friend to Yangmingshan National Park where a sweet ol’ man suggested we climb Mount Qixing because we looked young and able.

By pure luck my trip just so happened to align with a passing typhoon so the weather was subsequently displaying a distinct case of bipolar disorder. At one point I was almost sure we’d be stranded at the top or we’d slip and fall to our death as I had a mild freak out because I was severely lacking in appropriate footwear with my teva sandals. Luckily, nature being nature, the sun came out as I wearily descended aside the dormant volcano, welcomed by whiffs of “way-too-old” eggs.